A Vienna Tale.

Vienna, a tale
From where I seek to set sail,
On a voyage beyond the mysteries,
That prey on my parents minds,
As they pray for my future,
As the present unwinds,
And unwraps,
And appears at the shore,
Where I aim to confront my fears,
As my ship clears the Big Smoke,
And I see the hope and dreams,
Stitched from the seams,
Of the rich tapestry of my journeys,
That I travelled from Munich to Hammersmith,
But what happens if,
My dreams come to a halt,
A delayed train of thought,
Stuck underground in a district unknown,
Until it hit me,
When my mind started moving,
It got me in the zone,
To a place where words were scarce,
But the opportunities were endless,
Where I can go on mini adventures,
To fulfil my destiny,
And it only took 140 characters,
To let the world know about me.
With love from Vienna.

©Word Of Mouth
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This one is dedicated to Ulrike Schulz, who I hope she can find her dream on twitter.


Profile Status

Profile Status
Profile Status

Joined up, now hooked up to the network,
working through the joined up net lines,
to find mates with similar tastes as me,
like supporting Chelsea, partying hard and watching MTV Cribs,
I wonder where they live,
down the street round the block,
I’ll message them from my crib,
list of friends are growing,
better put out an update,
of how I stayed up and partied with celebs till late,
sounds better than sitting in a box room,
playing pro on a council estate,
now I’m looking for groups that like to eat three ice cream scoops,
or watch that programme with those wanna be pop groups that get scooped up or pooped up by the ice-cold judge,
better re-check my status,
cos my ego won’t budge,
gotta let everyone know that I’m a stone-cold rapper with a concrete flow that walks over tracks,
let me retract and relax cos my friend list is swelling up,
now that’s phat, bare heads like me,
the unlikely lad from the council estate,
trying to make his way up the social ladder,
cos I wanna be one of the lads,
hold up I gotta digital girlfriend now I’m virtually a dad,
so I can’t go to these 10 events,
so to prevent my girl from seeing my fantasy world that’s unswirling before my very eyes,
reality hitting hard, starting to feel like a surprise,
so now class, here’s what I conclude,
build your friendships through the Lord,
don’t let your ego or social networks rule you…

©Word Of Mouth
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