Keep Calm…. – A Short Poem.

Keep Calm
Keep Calm And Write Poems

And this I will continue to do,
Until the ink runs dry,
And the page turns black,
Till death befalls my dreams,
Whilst laying comfortably,
Amongst the soil and the seeds,
My body be taken away,
But my soul still bleeds,

©Word of Mouth.


Alone: the reprisal – a short poem.

The sky might fall,
but I won’t let it drop on me,
the ground may disappear,
but I’ll be walking on the fallen sky,
and look down with hope and faith,
not fear,
because I’m guided by belief,
not what I can see or hear,
so here on this status they may say that I’m crazy,
but this is method to my madness,
I’m definite, not maybe……

©Word of Mouth.

Alone – a short poem.

One man band,
all alone in the desert,
filtering through the sands of time
in the hourglass of solitude,
time ticks away
as I lay down my thoughts of being alone,
soliloquy of a lost soul,
in front of an audience
peeking through the cracks of my wall,
that I will rise again,
getting up from the fall….

©Word of Mouth.

Talent – a short poem.

Are we the book on the shelf
or are we the bestseller,
Are we grapes on the vine
or vintage in the wine cellar,
Are we the picture on the wall in the house,
or the masterpieces in the Gallery selling exhibitions out,
or 4 minutes of magic in the studio
or being heard from north to south?
I don’t know yet,
but I know one thing,
talent is shared not hidden,
so people, do your thing……

© Word Of Mouth

Lost space – a short poem.

Lost in the world,
globetrotting in my mind,
walled city on my mindspace,
am I living in Palestine?
graffiti thoughts and retorts,
bullet holes pierce bricks,
light filters through the cracks,
to penetrate the back of the other side
where darkness resides,
living next to light,
neighbours at war,
fight to the death,
whose side am I on?
do I choose right or get left behind in the shadows…….

©Word of Mouth.