We’re living in very charged times,
Where crossed wires
Can lead to sparks
But sparks turn to change
When the light
Illuminates the dark
I might be streaming
But I’m speaking from
The deepest part
Where is the love?
I hear a beat
But is it from the heart?
Got thoughts racing through my mind
Like Mario Kart
With the road at the end of the rainbow
As my train of thought
Colourful to know
The race I run
Is more than a sport
More than a colour
Black is what I am
But doesn’t define who I be
We’re not slaves
We. Are. Free.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

Sitting on the mid row,
Anchored in the tarmac sea,
Little lady comes and sits next to me,
Give or take a couple minutes,
A man approaches wearing a look of disgust,
Like we were roaches,
As he cocks back, recoil and starts shooting at the mouth,
‘You know y’all can’t sit here so move further down the back’,
My eyes turn towards the lady who calmly reacts,
‘I’m not movin’ anywhere’,
Heads turn,
Eyes start panning from here, there and everywhere,
In her direction,
Now she’s on the stage,
Spotlight on her,
Shining more than before,
The man’s eyes burn,
He looks like he wants to start a war,
So he reactivates his jaw,
‘I just said before that y’all can’t sit here so get to the end!’,
Still, the way the woman sat,
Didn’t pretend,
From my POV,
It looked like she was standing up,
For things beyond my line of vision,
So all can envision,
A world where we all sit side by side,
United as one,
But at this moment,
She gets uprooted and planted,
in a concrete box with steel bars,
Even though she was in a cell,
This goes skin deep,
Beyond cells,
Because the ignorant’s prison is a prism of different shades of white,
Can’t look beyond the pale shows that something’s not right,
But she saw beyond that sight,
Through her plight,
She fought and stood up for the rights of us all,
So next time we get on the bus and we’re a different shade of dark,
I remember that name etched in the seat of justice,
Rosa Parks.

©Word Of Mouth
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