Tough Love pt. 1

Tough love,
The battle for your heart was like war,
So tough to fight for your love,
My sentences and pretences that I used as weapons,
To break down your barriers,
So tough love,
But eventually you yielded to my advances,
You must have seen the resistance, the invisible resilience,
The mechanics of my heart and soul,
My reinforced brilliance,
The reason why we fought to do that tough firewalk down the aisle,
Both our armies united as one,
Rank and file,
So they can see love walking that tough last mile,
Now we are together,
An iron kiss and a steel smile,
Melting together as one,
Let’s move to that place together,
A sanctuary for a new battlefield,
And you had to go and get the weapons out didn’t you?
Why are you shooting at me?
Come on, I only shot those bullets out of love!
‘I don’t care, that’s tough love
Her response felt like a punch from a mountain stuffed in a silk glove,
But we make a peace pact; this love thing is a tough thing,
But still we retreat to the bunker surrounded by barb wiring,
It’s like a firework display here,
And I launch a grenade in her territory,
Or is it our territory?
Either way, it’s a hard fought battle we both win,
So we agree a ceasefire until the uprising,
And then a new ally comes along……..

© Word Of Mouth
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