I don’t write about this subject much,
But it really rocks my core,
The subject sticks out like a sore thumb,
Love struck dumb when it finally hits a couple,
His and hers dreams,
Are not a couple of streams
That flow alongside each other,
Or monocle for one eye when two are required,
Has ‘for better and for worse’
Transpired through the ink and pens,
Seen through the contact lenses of legal counsel?
Or is it atomic stockpiling
To account for a nuclear inventory?
Because when atoms split under compression,
Then it comes,
The depression.
Not sure what I own,
Is it a broken heart or a lonely soul?
Cos every day we’re going to the barrister,
To tailor up a suit,
Size up fittings for the 3 piece suite,
Artwork in the lobby,
The jewellery in the safe,
The safe retreat in Orange County,
Are we lobbying to gain something sweet?
So that if love turn sour we both retreat,
Into the bunkers of our lives
That we couldn’t mould together,
The storm clouds that emerge in our relationship,
His and hers umbrellas,
Exit strategy,
We don’t do for better or for worse,
Cos when we met each other,
You weren’t richer
and I wasn’t poorer,
So sign the sheet,
Get on with it,
I’ll get a pen,
Better still, a pencil,
Seeing as we are preparing for the worse,
I won’t use my signature,
I’m gonna get a stencil,
So if it all goes belly up,
I’m getting an eraser,
To rub out any memory,
That you were a part of me,
And this love was all an illusion,
So when we walk down the aisle,
And eventually marry,
I can do what I want,
Cos we know there’s no baggage to carry.


Nobody cares.

Nobody cares,
Nobody cares,
After the stares and the glares,
And the claps and the cheers,
When you get to your house,
And come up the stairs,
Close the door to your room,
And lie on the bed,
Close your eyes to the world,
Because nobody cares.
Well, some do,
And they’ll end up going mad,
Just like you,
They end up being sad,
Because the shadow of loneliness,
Sticks like glue,
You end up having a nervous breakdown,
From the shit you go through,
You be sectioned off,
and signed off,
In a padded room,
All the cares in the world,
Sweet and fragrant like summer bloom,
Die and wilt away,
A lack of care I presume,
Because when it’s all said and done,
And your life’s been written,
Through to the last year from chapter one,
And the lights are turned off,
And the pen put away,
And you’re six feet in the dirt,
A million miles away,
Someone will read your life story,
The dash between the numbers on the rock,
And see you risked everything to care,
And death was the reward you got.


The last orders of the day,
On spirits destined to drift away,
Somewhere further than this place,
Where we celebrate and reminisce,
At a slow pace,
On a life lost,
But found through profound tales of men,
And tender whispers of the women,
Who lived in the episodes,
Of situations through the lens,
Of either comedy or tragedy,
That could have struck,
At the hour their soul got plucked from existence,
The persistence of the camera rolling,
The red dot that documents,
The wire tap that causes,
The mind to relapse,
And re-up on yesterday’s memories,
A dirty nap,
Between a blanket of soil and daisies,
Where the seeds of an entity,
Grows on a route it was meant to be,
Resting their soul,
All the fragments of their life become whole,
In the abyss,

Profile Status

Profile Status
Profile Status

Joined up, now hooked up to the network,
working through the joined up net lines,
to find mates with similar tastes as me,
like supporting Chelsea, partying hard and watching MTV Cribs,
I wonder where they live,
down the street round the block,
I’ll message them from my crib,
list of friends are growing,
better put out an update,
of how I stayed up and partied with celebs till late,
sounds better than sitting in a box room,
playing pro on a council estate,
now I’m looking for groups that like to eat three ice cream scoops,
or watch that programme with those wanna be pop groups that get scooped up or pooped up by the ice-cold judge,
better re-check my status,
cos my ego won’t budge,
gotta let everyone know that I’m a stone-cold rapper with a concrete flow that walks over tracks,
let me retract and relax cos my friend list is swelling up,
now that’s phat, bare heads like me,
the unlikely lad from the council estate,
trying to make his way up the social ladder,
cos I wanna be one of the lads,
hold up I gotta digital girlfriend now I’m virtually a dad,
so I can’t go to these 10 events,
so to prevent my girl from seeing my fantasy world that’s unswirling before my very eyes,
reality hitting hard, starting to feel like a surprise,
so now class, here’s what I conclude,
build your friendships through the Lord,
don’t let your ego or social networks rule you…

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