Society’s Hope

Society’s ills try to lay you low like the flu,
Free will passes the responsibility to you,
So what do we do?
We do some good,
Some bad,
To sum it all up,
I feel really confused,
Because we choose to hide behind national legality,
To define our morality,
Laws and by-laws cause wars,
Fatality and fragility,
And the fragile law that you thought was secure,
Turns out to be a liability,
Now we’re liable by law,
To lose track of the straight and narrow,
And get lured to fly in the gates of hell,
Like blind sparrows,
Where the price of the soul you sell,
Becomes cheaper,
And the depth of sin becomes a lot deeper,
But God throws a rope,
Soaked in Jesus’ blood,
It’s called ‘hope’,
So we can climb up and live and find eternal life,
And not get caught up,
In society’s troubles and strife,
Jesus’ life meant death so that we can survive,
And I keep turning to Him so that He will provide,
That free, priceless gift for us mere mortals,
The Way, The Truth and The Life.

©Word of Mouth.