Sitting in the canteen
Ready to tuck into my lunch
Approach the microwave
The corner of my left eye
Caught a wave
‘hey mate, have you fin….’
‘that smells exotic, what’s that there?’
Just some rice and stew with some dodo
As he stares doe-eyed
Looks me up and down, asking
‘why do you have a frown?’
That’s just the way my face drops
He takes a glance at my phone
And sees my last played
Hop-scotching to the conclusion,
‘You listen to that hip-hop all day’
Nah, not really
I should file a grievance
Against your egregious
Because you perceive
I’m a certain way
Because of my hue
So who told you this?
What, the TV?
Did they inform your world view
Instead of coming to ask me,
Or her, or him
What they are about,
A fair exchange
Carries a lot of currency
But it seems you’ve spent time
Not knowing
Investing in that blissful ignorance
Saying things
Withdrawn from the bank of privilege
Please don’t waste my time
With these wild thoughts
And please open
your eyes and ears
Before you talk.


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