Love or money?

Love or money,
With which do I invest in?
Money makes the world go round,
But love keeps it interesting,
With both a return on investment
Is not always guaranteed
You can’t hedge your bets with love
Money can’t give you all you need
Love is pure and good
The love of money leads to greed
Fuelled by the perception
That the tool is a hammer
And every problem is a nail
That you hit with the money
When you fee the love fails
On the conditions attached
That limits love’s effect
Lust blurs the lines of love
When you pay that into sex
After the physical touched
What comes next?
An orgasmic euphoria
Costing more than you bet
Because love is limitless
Which money isn’t
You reap what you sow
When you invest in love
from the One above
Money sinks you to new lows
When you don’t have dough,
Don’t get sick of stale bread,
Trying to get fed,
Keep the love in your heart,
The wisdom in your head,
Master the money well,
Until the final death knell.


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