Fade Away

Imagine waking up everyday,
To the threat of violence
Invading the place
You call safe,
You call home,
Whilst the ringing
Of bullets and bombs
Fill the air,
Makes me despair,
And makes me wonder
Of the different thoughts
And emotions running through
The hearts and minds of those families,
And their kids.

The strong scent of fear
Ruminates through the atmosphere
As I sit in my chair
Being in a coffee shop chain
Double espresso
From hot, burnt, pressed beans
Surrounded by other individuals
Living out their daily routine
All peaceful and serene
Until the scene changes
And it gets really bloody
From the reign of terror.

So close
So near
That strong scent of fear
Invades the atmosphere
How do I react?
Do I run?
Do I hide?
Or do I stay still
From the chill
Seizing me up from the inside?
Do I run inside?
Or do I rise up
And protect those
From the eyes of the
Beholder of the gun?

Love is a verb
But do we do that enough?
Are the actions following the words
And all that stuff?
Are we faking depth of soul
In exchange for a shallow image?
Imagining our intentions
In a mirage of good thoughts
An oasis forming the basis
Of the opposite of what we do
Because this world thrives
On conflict and opposition,
You versus me,
Us versus them,
Man versus woman
Black versus white
Amidst 50 shades of grey
Everyone opposing everyone
Until we all fade away…



Dead presidents don’t represent me,
wrong currency,
Queen’s face can’t replace,
What I offer to you,
Nor currency round the continent,
Can make me content,
With the content I provide,
It’s what God pays me
That allows me to survive….