Wake up to daybreak,
Daily routine kicks in,
to make a fast break down the stairs,
For breakfast,
breaking shells for eggs in a pan,
break my diet plan,
turn on the television,
to view the breaking news,
from across the globe,
On the panoramic screen,
With the same repeated scene,
of macabre images of a broken world,

family breakdown
vulnerable kids in families break down
from the break ups of broken couples
pre matures getting broken from wombs
Cos it’s easier to live life
when the child’s in a tomb
But inside screams a hollow soul of doom

the young and gifted not getting a break
Held hostage in red tape
from laws that make it
impossible to break away from the catch-22
no experience for work
no work for no experience
In turn
The only break they get is being an intern
Where in turn they work for nothing
Stay broke and in turn gets turned over
Half lucky like a 2-leaf clover

Broken men with no fathers
Break keys for a living
Break, enter and steal for a living
Break people for a living
Just to get a killing
from the world’s spoils
Making something out of the concrete soils they grew up from
They were something that lost nothing
Because they had everything to gain
To maintain
But they get uprooted and placed in a cell

I’m a broken man
with layers that need breaking
Put my heart and soul into this
Aching within this glass box
Throw stones at me please
Break me out of this
False philosophy
Where all I see
Are parts of me
that need to be broken apart from me
Depart from me
Like Israelis
Walking through the parted sea
To become Egypt’s escapees
Melt this insecurity
Hammer on the ice
Break this deep freeze.