At the top
Looking down at the bottom
Tripping over the wires and strands
That makes a man
Over another man’s plan
To be the man
The boss
The general
El jefe
Hungry for each little morsel
Like a meze
Says the young upstart who
Overthrows the leader
To shift the scales of power
Walking a tight rope
Gripping tightly the feet
To defeat the power brokers
Chop them down on the knees
So they bow at his feet
But power’s not gender specific
Everyone wants a piece of the action
To be specific
Your genes don’t determine the means
To gain the ends
Nor the way to gain more enemies
Amongst your circle of friends
Power corrupts
But a little too much?
Yes, absolutely
So before you knock me off my throne
Before the power hits my dome
Bullets will load in the barrel
For my underlings to shoot me.