Nobody cares.

Nobody cares,
Nobody cares,
After the stares and the glares,
And the claps and the cheers,
When you get to your house,
And come up the stairs,
Close the door to your room,
And lie on the bed,
Close your eyes to the world,
Because nobody cares.
Well, some do,
And they’ll end up going mad,
Just like you,
They end up being sad,
Because the shadow of loneliness,
Sticks like glue,
You end up having a nervous breakdown,
From the shit you go through,
You be sectioned off,
and signed off,
In a padded room,
All the cares in the world,
Sweet and fragrant like summer bloom,
Die and wilt away,
A lack of care I presume,
Because when it’s all said and done,
And your life’s been written,
Through to the last year from chapter one,
And the lights are turned off,
And the pen put away,
And you’re six feet in the dirt,
A million miles away,
Someone will read your life story,
The dash between the numbers on the rock,
And see you risked everything to care,
And death was the reward you got.



Press play on the machine,
Play my CD,
Thoughts move along the disk,
Playful words within me,
Sign up to my playlist,
Dot the I’s,
Cross the T’s,
Your eyes see dots across my polo T-shirt,
Words can be weapons,
Gunplay can really hurt,
When bullets tapdance on the stage of flesh,
Causing much distress,
You’re playing with a water pistol,
Playing in a water fight,
With a fistful of,
Wet balloons,
Don’t get wet too soon,
Better yet,
Let’s stay outside and play in the rain,
Living in the moment,
Playing the weather game,
Whether I gain or lose,
From playtime or staying on the grind,
Trying to fall forward,
To not get left behind,
In the playground,
Swinging in the jungle,
Where monkeys bar my escape,
To work my way out of,
The place where Jack stays,
Where dullness fades away,
In the shade of the colour of my imagination,
Acting out plays,
Through the characters of my mind,
Who’s lives ride the waves of my brain,
Playing on the stage of my hippocampus,
Reminds me of the times,
In the zoo,
Playing with hippos on campus,
But I digress,
Please digest,
All my words and semantics,
As I play with my imagination,
You will see what makes this man tick.