Kicks, trainers,
When they look good,
It’s a no brainer,
Whether it has a swoosh or a cat or a triple stripe,
I want to be that cat with the latest colours on my feet,
When it’s not boxfresh,
I may as well admit defeat,
But I will not lose in a pair of court victory,
Flight club taking off getting maximum air,
First round knockout punch,
Dance round the ring like a superstar,
With my kicks
looking Lupe, travel from Paris to Tokyo dancing to the samba beat on my feet,
In those zapato’s,
Superfly kicks is all a brother knows,
From shelltoes to high tops with pumps in the twilight zones,
Where I go intergalactic,
Out of this world for a crooked tongue,
Take a sniff of fresh kicks,
The scent just fills my lungs,
I’ll pick a footlocker just to get my size,
So I can stroll in the office in my 9 and a half’s,
My pair of one of ones, so good like Jordan in a one on one,
Cos you can’t dump on man when I’m wearing the Jumpman,
Hunting down the latest cos the shoe game is a blood sport like Van Damme,
When I’m walking on air,
I am one force to be reckoned with cos my foot swagger,
cuts up the streets like a dagger,
Cos my kicks nice in my pair of quickstrikes,
Don’t bother asking where I got them from,
Cos you’ll only see them twice…

©Word Of Mouth
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Happiness has got me in a good state of mind,
Mindful of the fact that I am bound by grace,
Sometimes I chase with haste,
The so-called joys of this life,
When in fact most of them are waste,
Fruitless journeys slowly attempt to turn me,
Into the person I least want to be,
Until I realised that the tints on my periphery was all I could see,
What I took in with my eyes disguised the reason I was locked up,
When all along I was outside running towards prison,
Negating thoughts turned my rainbow into a grey scale prism,
Indecision caused by what was going on around me,
When all along I had the choice to turn away,
And my choices are the rut that I was stuck in yesterday,
Because today I get stuck in to these verses,
My food for thought,
Looking back at the silly battles I fought,
Armed with paper armour,
Reaping the bad seeds I’d sown,
Like an evil farmer,
So I popped down to God’s pharmacy,
He provided me the medicine of life,
The elixir, the fixer, the key ingredient in the mixer,
So now I strife and hunt from side to side,
Burning towers of hurt that I built up inside,
To build a new city of hope,
With a lighthouse built on two planks of wood, 4 nails, a crown of thorns, pulled up by bloody rope,
That is where I look to,
When I see the rubble of my troubles,
Light shining over the horizon,
As I see the son rising,
The swimmer gleams through my eyes,
Blinded by the lights,
The presence caught me by surprise,
But now I realise and visualise the feeling felt when I was a boy,
No beautiful nightmare,
Just crazy in love with that feeling of joy.

©Word Of Mouth
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Profile Status

Profile Status
Profile Status

Joined up, now hooked up to the network,
working through the joined up net lines,
to find mates with similar tastes as me,
like supporting Chelsea, partying hard and watching MTV Cribs,
I wonder where they live,
down the street round the block,
I’ll message them from my crib,
list of friends are growing,
better put out an update,
of how I stayed up and partied with celebs till late,
sounds better than sitting in a box room,
playing pro on a council estate,
now I’m looking for groups that like to eat three ice cream scoops,
or watch that programme with those wanna be pop groups that get scooped up or pooped up by the ice-cold judge,
better re-check my status,
cos my ego won’t budge,
gotta let everyone know that I’m a stone-cold rapper with a concrete flow that walks over tracks,
let me retract and relax cos my friend list is swelling up,
now that’s phat, bare heads like me,
the unlikely lad from the council estate,
trying to make his way up the social ladder,
cos I wanna be one of the lads,
hold up I gotta digital girlfriend now I’m virtually a dad,
so I can’t go to these 10 events,
so to prevent my girl from seeing my fantasy world that’s unswirling before my very eyes,
reality hitting hard, starting to feel like a surprise,
so now class, here’s what I conclude,
build your friendships through the Lord,
don’t let your ego or social networks rule you…

©Word Of Mouth
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Before I wrote this verse, I had to fill in a form,
To determine the words that I will use to perform,
This cautionary tale of how we get our tails,
Caught between red tape and paperwork,
Just so we can go out and work and get our ‘paper’,
We need to apply just to get by,
And tick the boxes off the government’s numerous sheets,
So we can help to complete,
A filing system of ourselves,
Where we are kept in books and on shelves,
So others know where about,
Of our whereabouts,
To keep that paper chain locked,
To be tracked down without a doubt,
Bureaucracy’s bullshit works like the Peter Principle,
Because in principle,
You are mentally Peter Pan,
Competently Incompetent in the eyes of the man,
Visions through the rose-tinted glasses,
Of a few elitist, ignorant, self-indulgent upper classes,
Who seldom want a person to move up through the meritocracy,
They keep them stuck at the foot to maintain their aristocracy,
That reality in the memory of their banks,
To keep banking that minimum wage,
With same corporate bullshit,
But on a different day,
365 through rain, sleet and snow,
But no white Christmas,
Completed the form,
But never made Santa’s wishlist.
Probably forgot to tick a box,
And now you’re scared shitless,
Shouldn’t have used a blue marker,
And now you need tippex,
To paint over that so-called life of yours,
Moving the goalpost wider,
Just so that you can score.

©Word Of Mouth
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Who am I?
When I speak, they reply,
I’m looking at myself right now, that’s why,
Cos I’m the blueprint upon which the built the prototype,
I’m the type of guy that your mum and dad would like,
I rise up like yeast and drop food for thought like bread,
I’m the champion horse in the stable, I am the thoroughbred,
I’m the past like a memory, download me and play,
I am the cure like a remedy; I take the pain away,
I am the first to strike in a battle and the last to stand,
I am drums, guitar, bass and vocals,
I am the one band man,
But the shell is cracking slowly,
My soul leaks from the egg,
I feel less like a crutch and more like broken legs,
I’m being taken on a trip,
But where’s the destination?
I’ve taken a break from my reality,
A delusional vacation,
I am the hunger in the stomach,
Waiting to be fed,
And so my ego feasts on me,
Tearing my flesh to shreds,
I need to stop, listen and think,
And act on what will get me ahead,
I think I’ll stop my ego trip,
And listen and act on God’s Word instead…..peace.

©Word Of Mouth
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