What I’m about to say

Is liable to offend

My friend’s enemy

Is indeed not my friend

So if you want to really offend me

Let’s start with my race

Because the eyes of the speaker

Only sees a nigger face

Or when the speaker

Sees a woman doing a

“job for the boys”

Tells them

“Get back to the kitchen

And kill all that noise”

See men come out the Mosque

Sharing jokes and having fun

The speaker shouts across the road

“Your lot is ruining our country

We’re gonna come for ya

You’re done!”

So the speaker sharpens their pencils

And puts ink in their pen

And wields the power

That’s mightier than the sword

And uses sharp wit

To draw prophets for profit

And preaches the message of fear

For this so called free country to hear

This so called worm

That gets in our ears

So they turn to page 3

To stay abreast with today’s news

But it’s only void for one day

The trolling ensues

The feminists foam at the mouth

Fighting in their corner

Strong independent women

Who don’t need a man’s helping hand

They see their plight worse than


Hashtag #Femalelivesmatter

Don’t care for the pitter-patter

Or chatter from the homophobic


“Down with the gays!”

Through their offensive ways

Shouting from the stands

Toward the away team

Vocalising their belief

They bat for the wrong team

But it’s all good

Its okay

It’s all banter

It’s my right

To free speech

So it’s all fun and games

Until someone shoots at me

“Let’s protect free speech

Je suis Charle!”

But lest we forget

Before we speak free

That tongue in your mouth

That pen in your hand

Comes with responsibility.


We speak about law and order
But in which order does
The law is above us
Flawed humans making flawed laws
Suffering under oath
With boasts that the law is
Being upheld
At the expense of humans suffering
Killing every cell
Trapped in a cell
Another news story
For the papers to sell
All whilst confusing
Our brain cells
Getting caught up in the differences
That make us forget
We are the same
With differences being aesthetic
Being fed the line
We gotta race to the finish
Until many are diminished
And only one stands
“United we stand, divided we fall”
As they say,
Wishing we can run away from
Our divisions for brighter days
Let light in
Shine the darkness away
But instead everyday
I see my people getting caught
In a chokehold
Suffocating justice
Until we can’t breathe
Knock us down like skittles
Because a hood clouds out the rainbow
That you can’t taste,
Too busy feeding off paranoia
Just to lay a kid to waste
Authority comes with a warranty
But the law and order are
Turning it to a charter
To take out a minority
By any means necessary
And get away scott free
When deep down
We know who’s really guilty
So the anger resides
In a heart of the hopeless
Hoping for being treated
Like a lesser human being
Fighting for change
Till the day
That we are treated
As living humans being normal.


Gonna give you a small piece of my mind,

Thoughts are changing in time and space,

Laying waste to the places

Where I felt redundant,

Where I couldn’t get a job,

Seeking allowances to express myself,

Whilst knowledge learned

Became inactive,

Left on the shelf,

Stacking serial killer dreams,

Milking the seeds,

To develop new scenes,

For the story of my life,

Visions of having success,

Being the best,

Working harder to be better than the rest,

Ingesting food for thought,

Till I digest the best for me,

But I digress,

Too much stress inna mi chest,

Lord knows my mates have checked

Whether I can be next,

So I knock on heaven’s door,

To ask God for new tests.


What does normal mean to me?
The anchor between brilliance and complacency?
Is it the aggregation of common human behaviour?
Is it the barrier for people believing there is a saviour?
Do you believe that you live a normal life?
What’s does that mean to me?
No pain, no strife?
A home with 2.4 children and a loving wife?
Or is the fraction skewed
To represent
Somebody else’s normal life?
Is normal chaos drowning in a sea of confusion?
Or are they lost musings of Confucius,
Not understood,
That confuses us,
Normalizing philosophies,
Whatever normal that may be,
Because the other day
A lady said to me that
“You come across as normal to me”
Which got me thinking,
“What’s normal to she?”
Because I don’t know what normal means to me.


Welcome to the garden,
mind the foliage on the side,
the bitter sweet leaves
dressed with the acidity
that provokes,
leaving a sour taste
in the throat from
life’s lemons and limes,
sweetened by the taste
of crushed grapes from the vine, intertwined between
the cucumbers
and the celery,
cabbage patch running wild
with the celeriac,
artichokes on the weeds
and seeds feeding off
the shoots and leaves,
eating away on the pears,
shooting down apples
and leaves
without a trace,
but who can replace
the fruits of my labour,
tossed in the storm
causing mixed behaviour
in the garden of life,
navigating life’s lessons
through trial and error,
going through
the trials of errors
caused by
picking the wrong mushrooms,
taking a trip,
picking herbs and spices
to get a grip,
please hold on
to these words
if the meaning is hard to find,
because the bittersweet
garden of fruit and
Veg is the salad of my mind.

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