Stuck in the chamber,
Revolving bullets of hope,
Russian roulette,
Spinning in the hopelessness,
That’s trying to get to my chest,
To my heart,
Pull the trigger,
False start,
Pull again,
False start,
Rinse and repeat,
Trying to snatch victory,
From being defeated
By my struggles
And barriers
Aiming to jump in the jet set lifestyle
Like a Harrier,
And fly away
One day.
But for now
I must hit hard
at the edifice,
To scare away the ghost in the shell
To get out my




Life happening around me,

Leaving me dumbstruck,

Cursing my luck,

Struggling with my purpose,

My existence,

Existential conditions,

Got me split between fact,

And fiction,

But who’s making up stories

Who’s telling the truth?

Mixing up a pantry of lies,

In the pudding

I search for proof,

But it all blows up in my face,

When life throws a block in the way,

And the bad news you read,

Can make today seem longer,

Like another 12 hours added to 24,

To make the bitterness stronger,

To prolong the pain in my veins,

Until it gets to my brain,

And slowly clots away,

Until it gets to my heart,

Palpitations of frustration,

Trying to tear me apart,

But from the tears and the scars,

You cross life bridges you want to burn,

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust,

From the hand been dealt

You earn,

But I can’t go out like that,

God wants me to stand firm,

And to write about these lessons,

For future classes to learn.


At the top
Looking down at the bottom
Tripping over the wires and strands
That makes a man
Over another man’s plan
To be the man
The boss
The general
El jefe
Hungry for each little morsel
Like a meze
Says the young upstart who
Overthrows the leader
To shift the scales of power
Walking a tight rope
Gripping tightly the feet
To defeat the power brokers
Chop them down on the knees
So they bow at his feet
But power’s not gender specific
Everyone wants a piece of the action
To be specific
Your genes don’t determine the means
To gain the ends
Nor the way to gain more enemies
Amongst your circle of friends
Power corrupts
But a little too much?
Yes, absolutely
So before you knock me off my throne
Before the power hits my dome
Bullets will load in the barrel
For my underlings to shoot me.

The Letter M.

Everyone talks about us reclaiming the ‘n’ word. Quite frankly, I would like to kill all associations with the word that begins with the letter ‘m’.

So sad that Roy Hodgson can’t tell a simple story without the media creating a furore.

Let’s not play like the mammal that doesn’t hear, talk nor see, but instead educate ignorant minds so that they hear it right, speak sense and see the idiocy that doesn’t make one colour-blind, but blind to see the effect and affect of a word that blights one colour.

By the way Roy, you meant no harm or malice, don’t let the media twist our minds by drinking from their poisoned chalice.


30 years,

29 was full of ups and downs,

Mixed emotions,

The tears of a clown,

But I clown upon my misery,

And climb upon my successes,

Like graduating in my masters,

And my brother’s wedding,

Being the best man,

With God’s blessing,

I keep going till I crack the code,

Like JavaScript,

But stuck in debug mode,

Working through the fuzzy logic,

Without going psycho,

To get back on the right path,

Of my mental map,

Try to stay on track,

And not lose control,

Of my train of thought

As I train my thoughts

To sort out my priorities

For the third decade

To not defer my dreams

Instead turn them into scenes

To form the screen reel

Of a successful reality


I’m counting on you

For you to set me free

And be the real C-H-U-D

That everyone and I

Want to see,


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